Introduction to Ojasvi Agritech

In 2012, Ojasvi Agritech has started its operation in Jaipur (Rajasthan, India) to produce wheat flours and cereals. One of the founding principles of the organization is to provide a market for grain and other products produced by Indian farmers.

It is critical to promote regional farmers, while encouraging organic farming, and a nutritious food supply. Ojasvi Agritech has always been a strong supporter of organic agriculture. From working with farmers with production issues, to marketing the results of their efforts, Ojasvi Agritech strives to produce top quality products, as well as, supporting the local economy by helping build strong rural communities.

Ojasvi Agritech has evolved from a small organization, producing basic flours & cereals to a bustling enterprise now producing a fresh and diverse range of whole grain products.

There are two milling processes in common use today modern commercial steel roller milling and stone ground milling. Steel roller mills, are a relatively modern invention and are designed to produce white flour. Stone grinding is the traditional milling process and is used primarily in producing whole grain products. It retains the full nutrition of the whole grain, unlike modern commercial steel grinding which removes much of the grain’s fiber and goodness.

Steel ground flour is always without the most important part of the wheat kernel – the wheat germ.

Commercial White Flour is made almost entirely on steel roller mills. White flour is a 72% extraction of the wheat kernel. It is made by sifting out all the bran, shorts, middlings and wheat germ. Unless specified as unbleached, it is also usually bleached.

Commercial Whole Wheat Flour is steel ground white flour with part of the bran added back in. It never contains wheat germ. Unless specified as unbleached, it too is usually bleached.

Stone ground flours are a tasty and easy way to eat whole grains. Whole grains are only minimally processed by rolling, hulling, cracking or stone grinding. Whole grains are a necessary part of a nutritious diet.

Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour is made simply by grinding up the wheat kernel.

Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour retains the full nutrition of the whole grain, unlike commercial steel grinding which removes much of the grain’s fiber and goodness. The stone ground process utilizes the entire kernel. The result is a high fiber (6g per serving) nutritious, delicious tasting whole grain flour. It still contains its bran (fibre) and all its germ (the life force). Unless the label states that it is STONE GROUND, it probably isn’t.

Stone Ground Whole White Flour is an exclusive product of the Speerville Flour Mill. This flour is sifted stone ground whole wheat flour with a lighter texture. It still contains most of the wheat germ, but with less bran. As with all Ojasvi Agritech products, there are no additives.

In grinding, grain is poured through a hole into the center of the stone. Both the stone and the bedstone have groves that lead the grain onto the grinding surface. The pulverized grain emerges as flour from the master grooves.

Ojasvi Agritech provides best quality flour which is made in hygienic conditions.

Ojasvi Agritech is located in Jaipur - the pink city of India.