Sagar Sojitra


The entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem is booming in India. More and more youngsters and fresh graduates are foraying into entrepreneurship bringing better ideas and innovation to the world of business. Sagar Sojitra is a fine example of the same. He started his career by operating a small chain business in the healthcare segment in the southern part of Gujarat by the name of Ojasvi. Through his relentless hard work and the constant pursuit of excellence, Ojasvi is now operating across India. They have even successfully transcended the national borders as they operate in other countries. 

Ojasvi Foundation operates in different sectors like finance, education, forex trading, travel, entertainment, hotel & restaurant. They are excelling in all these sectors, which is quite a challenging task for anyone. In his entrepreneurial drive he is wearing multiple hats being a founder member and director of Ojasvi Foundation, Ojasvi AI, Ojasvi Paradise, Alchemist AI, FXGurukul, Big Daddy and Bliss View. 

Sagar’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative and best solutions for his customers. He has been achieving that by constantly outperforming his peers and regularly achieving small goals that align with his more significant goals in life.    

As Sagar says, “The secret to our future is hidden in our daily routine. The world is full of opportunities. The only thing limited is our time on earth. Do not waste it. Find something you love doing and just do it. Keep on doing that, and you will be able to make a difference for sure.”

With this goal in sight, Sagar Sojitra approaches both life and business. This motto has served him well in all operatives till now and is proving to be raodmap for further expansion and success.