Nishant Koladiya

Civil Engineer & Entrepreneur

Mr Nishant Koladiya, a civil engineer by profession and is an entrepreneur by heart. He is a lively, energetic, jovial, zestful and dynamic personality. His field of interest is Real estate, entertainment sector and exploring new places. Nishant is of the opinion that life itself is a big adventure and needs to be explored to live it at its fullest. 

He is in search of exploring new things, learning them and implementing them in real life. He has powerful skills to develop business and is an expert in setting up foreign business. Going around the world is his hobby which has initiated him to start his tours and travel business. The tourism industry is linked to the idea of people travelling across the country or internationally for leisure, social or business purpose. Whatever may be the reason but people choose to have a comfort stay. Travelling is about leaving ones own “Normal Life” behind and focussing on rediscovering one’s own self. It is also about knowing different cultures and history, meeting new and interesting people. But this is only possible when one is in a comfortable zone.  His aim is to provide best accommodation at best prices to people, so that they are free from stress.

His main interest lies in hospitality industry. In year 2021 he started his journey with OJASVI foundation by putting a step in the Hotel Industry in the name of OJASVI paradise in the place known for its famous beaches, Goa. After the success of his project in Goa, he has launched another project of designing a hotel in Thailand in the name of Big Daddy Ojasvi Villa.

He believes mistakes are inevitable in life, but learning from those mistakes and not repeating them is  real part of life. He has the ability to find the problems faced by individuals in daily life and converting them into business opportunity. His positive attitude towards work never allows him to fail.

His goal in life is to create manmade heaven on the earth. He wants people to visit beautiful places in the world and enjoy the beauty of nature and be at peace with nature.