Mayur Sojitra

Software Engineer

In the current scenario, every field of work is influenced by the Information Technology Industry. It appears that It is the future of not only India but all the countries of the world. 

Mr Mayur Sojitra an IT professional has an expertise in this field with an experience of more than nine years. Mr Mayur is a software engineer, Tech Speaker and community Evangelist. His contributions are in the development of numerous web and mobile application.

He is also a consultant in a Multinational company for their product design and development. His skills and experiences has enabled him to manage some tech communities like Google developers Group, Surat and Laravel, Surat.

As a person he is friendly, helpful, affable and positive person. He has the ability to look at the positive aspect of everything and can find some added value in everything happening in the surrounding. He believes living in the present and giving his best to his work. His mindfulness makes him an exception among other individuals.

His goal is to bring a change in the IT Industry and help software developers to sharpen their careers. He believes in adapting to the latest technologies which helps in the growth of an individual, society and nation.

The aim of the Mayur with Ojasvi Foundation is to bring all developers under one roof, offering them a better platform and job opportunities, so that they can convert their dreams into reality.